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Welcome to the reconstruction of my website!

My original website mysteriously disappeared a while ago and I am gradually reconstructing a new one. While I’m in the process of doing this, more information on aspects of my philosophy, life and work can be accessed via my blog. I used to have two blogs but decided to amalgamate these into one, as my PhD and exhibition work very often coincide. This can now be accessed via the following link:-Blog:-


Thread of the Spirit


Inspired by light, constructed through stitch, my work seeks to give expression to what lies within, inviting the viewer to contemplate possibilities beyond perceived reality; to offer a space in which, simply, to be. Wind of the spirit blows through all and informs all.

“In The Lacemaker (c.1669-71) Vermeer paints a woman stitching. In her work, Eileen Harrisson reverses the polarity: she stitches a ‘painting’. Eileen is able to accumulate thread to form a rich impasto, and to deploy it singly and deftly to accent an area of colour. The works exhibit a surface facture comparable in lustre to that of a heavily worked painting. Whereas paint undergoes a change of state as it either dries or oxidises, stitch does not transmute. It abides. The spiritual allusions proliferate.”

John Harvey (Professor of Art at the School of Art, Aberystwyth University)

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