PhD Work and Exhibition

At the moment, I have on exhibition work that represents the culmination of the practical element of my doctoral studies. The exhibition, called A Sorrowful Healing, is in the School of Art Gallery, Aberystwyth University and it runs until Friday 11th March 2022.

Below is the poster for the exhibition:-

Visits to the exhibition are free and can be booked through eventbrite via the link above.

On exhibition are hand stitched wall pieces and hangings, these wall works interspersed by printed poems, an artist’s book, a film, a nurse’s cape on a tailor’s dummy and a cabinet showing the stitcher’s tools and a little group of favourite fabrics. Besides these visual works, another important piece is a sound work called Fusion that, repeating on a loop, makes use of the piano’s sympathetic resonance. Besides this reverberation, all the other sounds are made by a needle passing through various fabrics, sometimes enhanced using computer software, and the different pitches of the artist’s voice.

The basis for all the works is an exploration of the relationship between stitch, word and sound explored through the prism of my experiences of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. I lived and worked in Belfast from the mid 1970s until early in the 1980s, a period which saw the height of the conflict, until marriage entailed a move to England, so most of my personal experiences relate to this period. Some works also refer to incidents beyond this time frame and to other conflicts in global history, beyond Ireland’s shores.